Garrett Soldano

Soldano is a chiropractor and co-founder of Stand Up Michigan, a group opposed to the state's coronavirus policies. Soldano said he was "standing up for Michigan" and "running to be your voice and return our government to We the People," listing integrity, transparency, and freedom as three key points of his campaign.

He says on this website, "Getting our people back to work with more jobs and a strong economy, building the best schools in the nation, and restoring a government that serves the people, not controls our lives.

I’m not a politician, and I’ve never run for office before. I’m a chiropractor, small business owner, husband and father who has seen how government overreach has made life harder for my friends and neighbors.

We’re creating a genuine grassroots movement – everyday citizens, parents, seniors, students, business owners, and patriots of all backgrounds from every corner of the state."