Ralph Rebrandt

Ralph's website states, "On Day One as the 50th Governor of the State of Michigan, I will open an investigation into the 2020 election. I am the only Michigan Governor Candidate who was at the TCF Center and who witnessed election fraud and the breaking of Michigan Election Law.

I will investigate who ordered and allowed the Detroit Police to keep out Republican and Independent Election Poll Watchers and Election Poll Challengers from the counting room, and who ordered and allowed cardboard to be put up on the windows to inhibit a fair and transparent election. If a full forensic audit has not been conducted prior to my inauguration, I will call for one immediately. But I will not stop there.

Those who are guilty of the breaking of Michigan Election Law will be prosecuted. We absolutely must have free, fair, and transparent elections in order to survive as a country.

I invite you to partner with me on a journey to make Michigan a Lighthouse for the Nation, where your voice is heard, your concerns are respected, and your vote is counted."