Ryan Kelly

Kelley owns a real estate investment firm. Kelley said, "We have God-given rights, not government granted privileges," adding that he would "protect and defend those rights from an overreaching federal government," and referring to Whitmer as a "radical left wing dictator."

His website states, "As Michigan’s next governor, I will respect people’s rights, not violate them."

He goes on to say, "As Michigan’s 50th governor, Ryan will return decision-making power back to the hands of the people. "

Here are some of the core issues Ryan will be actively focused on to make a positive impact:

  • ✓ Respecting Individual Freedoms and Liberty
  • ✓ Election Integrity and Accountability
  • ✓ Eliminate DEI, CRT, and Education Indoctrination
  • ✓ Focus on Academics, Skilled Trades, and American Constitutional Civics in Schools
  • ✓ Uphold Second Amendment Rights
  • ✓ Pass Constitutional Carry
  • ✓ Reduce Dependence on Federal Dollars Controlling State Agencies
  • ✓ Oppose Lockdowns
  • ✓ Protect Medical Freedom
  • ✓ Promote Free Market Principles
  • ✓ Support Michigan Constitutional Law Enforcement
  • ✓ Address Michigan’s Mental Health Crisis in Children and Adults