Stand Up Counties: How To Get
Involved & Learn More

There can be many reasons you decide it's time for a change. And
our programs are the catalyst for that change.

Are you a patriot and a business owner? Join our patriotic business community where you’ll get your business displayed on our website so other patriots know who to support in their community! Click below to see how you can get involved! (Launching July 1st)

See the infowars series on the effects of the authoritarian lockdowns and fascistic enforcement of masks

Locals remains the preeminent social network for Stand Up Michigan. Join us there for ongoing conversation and engagement!

The Digital Freedom Initiative is about how Stand Up Michigan got off of Big Tech so that we could speak freely without fear of censorship or cancel culture.

The Digital Freedom Initiative is also about YOU ! We have a growing list of exception alternatives to Big Tech so that you can stop feeding the beast with your data. Don't defund the police, Defund Big Tech!

COVID was weaponized to rip away our constitutional liberties, close our businesses and fundamentally alter our psyches. Tammy Clarke fought back and unmasks the lie in the COVID Letters.

Stand Up Michigan is more than an organization, it is a movement of the people, by the people and for the people. Join us today as we fight back against those who would dare take away the freedoms we cherish from God and guaranteed by our Constitution.

Our Mission

We are an organic grassroots movement made up of We The People whose vision is to reclaim and defend the rights and liberties of Michiganders. Our Mission is to equip and empower We The People to stand up for sacred values, citizen rights and constitutionally-protected freedoms.


About the people by identifying with their stories.


We The People by empowering them to be the solution


Within our communities to incite change at local levels

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